Eco-regions Essay

2) Separate essays. Please list references using APA format, citing them within the text. Please make sure your essay is double spaced, 12pt font. I would suggest at least one reference for the ecoregion and three for the ANWR portion. However, more references result in a more complete understanding of the topic.

a)    Choose ANY eco-region on earth. Eco-region is preferred to a generic biome. I’ll accept the latter if it goes into great details.
Conduct some research on this region – Describe the unique, biological and geographical features (species of plants and animals, geology, etc.), challenges and impacts faced by this eco-region.
•    What factors threaten, enhance or influence the eco-region?
•    Has it changed over the course of time?
•    How do the factors (you discovered) impact the species or population living in this eco-region?
•    If you are aware of impacts not mentioned in these sites, through your own travels or readings, do not hesitate to include this in your description.

Examples of peripheral impacts: the effects of war, over development, logging, agriculture, desertification, mining or other forms of environmental degradation.


b)    Look up and research an area designated, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).
•    Name and describe the eco-region(s) that best describes this (ANWR) refuge.
•    Research the effects of drilling an oil pipeline in ANWR eco-region either negatively or positively. (Have evidence to support your opinion (USE at least two (2) citations)
•    Do you feel the merits of drilling outweigh the threats, or does drilling in this region too perilous to the ecosystem?


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