An economic view of Ride Sharing

Topic: My paper should be a case study of Ride Share Services (Uber, Lyft) which focuses on the relationship between the company and multiple factors of economic environment trends, policy, or any managerial decision-making process. (1)Marketing: price/global market expansion strategy etc in retail industry, (2)Operations: transportation (cost benefits, foreign direct Investment), or finance/accounting:world trade, balance of payment etc).”
Requirement – This course requires you to complete 1 research paper with a 4page (minimum) to 5page (maximum), single-spaced, with a minimum of 7 references included.

The Paper must include the following contents and provide citations to literature as appropriate (5page maximum). Be specific and informative; avoid redundancy.

All contents must include the following sections:
* Background and Significance (approximately 1/2 to 1 page) – 10 point
• Briefly describe the background of the research.
• Evaluate existing knowledge or practice (what others have found or done) – from the previous research.
• Specifically identify the gaps or needs which the research intends to fill.
• If you have performed previous work related to the current your research describe previous findings.
• Clearly mention your view of the research’ssignificance.
* Research Objectives (approximately 1/3 to 1/2 page) – 10 point
• List your broad research goals (if you have), and
• Provide a listing of the specific objectives to be addressed in the paper research.
• Research Description (Methods) (approximately 2 pages) –
• Describe the design of your research and the procedures to be used or activities to be engaged in to accomplish your specific objectives (quantitative, qualitative, case, or interview etc).
• If appropriate, include the means (methods) by which data will be collected, analyzed, and interpreted.
* Expected conclusion (approximately 1/2 page)– 5 point
• List outcomes, including what you have learned and what others will learn.
• Describe means of evaluation, application, and/or dissemination of findings or results.
• Explain any plans for continuing the research –any suggestion.

* References (at least 7 references)—5 point

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