Educational assessment in the public schools education research proposal

I have a project of 7000-8000 words this term and I wanna do it with you as my favourite writer, starting with the project proposal.
A 1,000-word project proposal, including the aims and rationale of the project, an outline of the proposed approach, including timeline, and expected contribution to the field. Sample proforma below.
-Rationale and Objectives of Proposed Project :
-Brief Description of Proposed Project:
(Outline proposed activities or steps to be completed, key readings, dates etc)
-Brief Description of Proposed Outcomes:
(Outline proposed outcomes, including description of proposed final report)

** I sent an email to my supervisor about my area of interest for this project, which is the assessment in the general education. I have selected this area based on the numerous challenges that we are facing related to the assessment programs in the public schools. On this regards, I would like to focus my research on the different areas of assessment such as the effective, formative, summative assessment. Also, want to search for the new methods and strategies that can be used to improve the assessment.
** THE IMPORTANT THING TO KNKNOW IS THAT, I got a reply message from my supervisor as below:

“That’s an interesting topic. Read more literature on this to have a comprehensive understanding of effective assessment practices.
Read the work of Black and Wiliam, Inside the black box; principles of assessment for learning by the Assessment Reform Group; Assessment for learning: Faddish or fundamental by Popham”.

If you need any further information please contact me anytime.

Thank you and I look forward to completing this work later.