Elder Abuse

For this 3-5 page position paper, identify a current law or regulation related to Depression in the nursing home elderly which further reinforces disparity and variations in care and services in regards to healthcare. Propose a specific policy change recommendation to eliminate gaps in services or care which can be achieved through drafting a bill, regulation, ordinance, or policy. Write a testimony to support the policy change with the intent to persuade legislators and government officials. The position paper (i.e. testimony) should include: An introduction identifying the legal issue and purpose of the paper. Background and overview of the law. How the law reinforces disparity and variations in care and services. Recommendation for policy change to eliminate the current gaps in care and services. A convincing rationale, including supportive data, for the recommended policy change and means of change (i.e. bill, ordinance, or policy). Use of supportive references and citations. NOTE: This paper should be formatted to meet requirements or criteria of the government body or agency it is directed at for the purpose of advocating or lobbying for change (not the usually required APA).

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