Electronic Health Records Specialist Employment Opportunities

Complete Parts A and B of this worksheet.




Part A




Resource:Ch. 2 of Essentials of Health Information Management: Principles and Practices (3rd ed.)




Choose two of the following health information management professional roles based on the information contained in Ch. 2 of Essentials of Health Information Management: Principles and Practices (3rd ed.).




  • Health records specialist
  • Health records clerk
  • Health insurance specialist
  • Vendor sales
  • Health data analyst
  • Office secretary
  • Other role approved by your instructor




Complete the following table for the twoprofessions you have chosen. Each box must contain 25 to 50 words per box that do the following:




  • Describe how health records are used as well as the duties performed in the role.
  • Explain the training and credentials needed for the role.
  • List any professional organization(s) available for membership associated with the position.
  • List the work environments in which these positions can be readily found.




Role Duties Performed Training Credentials Required Associated Professional Organizations Work Environments
Role One
Role Two




Part B




Use the Internet or other means to search employment opportunities for the EHR specialist roles you selected in Part A.




Answer the following questions based on your search.




  1. What are the titles of the positions you found? What type of organization(s) are they found in?







  2. What experiences or qualifications do you have that would fulfill the requirements for these positions? Explain in 50 to 100 words.







  3. Suppose you were applying for the positions you found. Using 25 to 50 words for each position, list and describe three ways that you would use your education and experience to stand out from other candidates applying for the position. Be specific about qualities and strengths unique to you.




  1. List and describe three areas for improvement that might hinder your ability to get hired for these positions. For each area for improvement, describe a specific way that you are working on or will actively work on to overcome and strengthen this area. Explain in 25 to 50 words for each area of improvement in each position.




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