England TEFL Essay


What Am I Required to do? Please read the instructions carefully. Choose one of the following classes: B. A mixed nationality group of twelve new adult immigrants with very little English living in an English speaking country. For your class you have to; i. Select a suitable reading passage from any source. * An authentic text is one which was originally aimed at native or proficient English speakers, and was not designed as a piece of language teaching material. ii. Write an essay (800 -1200 words) giving an overview of your chosen class and stages you would use for a standard skills lesson. iii. Create three follow on tasks. iv. You do not need to submit a lesson plan. v. Think carefully about selecting material suitable to the level and needs of your students Step-by-step guide to assignments; 1. Write an essay (800-1200 words) in which you; i) say which group you have selected and why this material is suitable for them. ii) identify vocabulary that you would need to teach and say how you would teach it. iii) briefly outline how you would use the text in a reading or listening lesson, using the standard formula of warmer/pre-teach and a comprehension task 2. Design and submit three pieces of teaching material you would use as follow-up language or skills practice activities after the students have done comprehension activities. 3. Each activity could be used as the final stage of a comprehension lesson i.e. after the comprehension task OR in a subsequent lesson. 4. Each piece of material should be related to the original text in terms of topic or language. 5. Each one should focus on a different skill or aspect of language (they should not, for example, all be pronunciation activities). 6. All the materials should be clearly linked to the text in some way. 7. Provide all the materials that you would hand out to or show to students. 8. Include the aim of each activity and instructions that another teacher could follow. 9. Any material that is not your own, or that you have based your ideas on, must be properly referenced: Books: Author (date) title, publisher (page number if applicable) Websites: Author/Organisation Title. Available at: website address [Accessed+ date e.g. 04 March 15]. 11. Choose Class B , and it is relevant to your ideas, please specify which English speaking country they are in.(England)

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