English Essay

in literary terms, the “conflict” of a story’s plot is represented as two opposing forces (man vs. man, man vs. self, man vs. society or an element of society, or man vs. nature) that revolve around the main character and drive the events of the story forward.  Whatever the case may be, the story’s “conflict” is represented as a dilemma or concern (sometimes known as the “theme”) that is conveyed within the story and reinforced through the story’s characters, details, and other elements. Baldwin and Hughes do a stupendous job of providing their audience with a variety of devices to create intersectionality within their short stories, alike. Demonstrate in your writing a deeper understanding of these authors’ intentionality and deliberateness regarding social construct on the paramount issues regarding African Americans as a marginalized people.

In an essay of at least 5-6 pages, identify a dilemma/concern that the story conveys, and discuss how the characters, details, and other elements help to illustrate and reinforce the issue/dilemma you have identified

The article is Sonny’s Blues in Vintage Baldwin Reader (Baldwin).

Carefully read the story.

This essay have to analysis the story’s characters, details, and other elements.

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