Environmental Sciences Essay

Reply to questions and write up to 750 words on each question. Use any material you wish from the course or additional sources. Use embedded citations and references if you are putting forth data or ideas from outside the course, or if it is a very specific idea from course material. 1. Choose a food category: fruit, vegetables, meat (beef and pork, but not chicken and turkey), grains, oilseeds. When looking for a fresh or processed food in that category, if a consumer has to make a choice in the grocery store between buying a local – conventional product or an imported- organic one, which should they choose and why? 2. Many community-based food projects are helping people improve their diets. Most of them are currently small but, if they expanded, they might have an important impact on population health. Which one of the following projects do you think could contribute the most to improving population health if scaled up and out (remember the Johnston and Baker reading in module 9), and why? In your reply, think about where the food project fits in the Efficiency – Substitution – Redesign (ESR) spectrum. Community gardens Farmers’ markets School food programs Food education workshops Vegetarian cooking classes Food box delivery programs Food buying clubs