A Case of Assisted Suicide by Jack Kevorkian   3.Instructions: You will write a page and a half documented argumentative essay 
(3 paragraphs: below is an outline) about this article.(Not including a Works Cited page). You must state your position on the issue being discussed. This will require some preparation. You must take a clear and discernible stance on the issue (Your thesis or claim).  You will need to incorporate secondary source (Which is the article that you read) to support your argument. Do not do outside research. You must use the article you read to help support your stance. Be sure to follow MLA format for intext citations. You do not need a work cited page.If your essay does not have intext citations your grade will be a 50. Sample Outline Introduction (5-6 Sentences) -Background -Thesis statement II. Your position (9-10 sentences) Quotes) III.Conclusion (5-6 Sentences)   Tips:   Include a clear introduction with a thesis statement at the end. Make sure that your final exam has a thesis statement.   Examples: Euthanasia is a practice that should be allowed because______. Or Euthanasia is a practice that should not be allowed because______.   Include topic sentences to start each paragraph (3 paragraphs) Include at least two examples per paragraph Include a clear introduction Remember to include intext citations.       Format for Quotes and Intext Citations     Transition, + Indicator of where/ who wrote + verb, +“Quote” (Author PG) or (PG).     DON’T WRITE PG     For example:   In “School vs. Education” the author states, “from television, children will learn to pick a lock” (Baker 3).   Or   In “School vs. Education” the Baker writes, “from television, children will learn to pick a lock” (3).     4. Instructions: Type your essay on Microsoft word After you completed your essay, submit it through the assignment dropbox as an attachment. Save your document the following way. Make sure that you state your first name and last name and then name it final exam. Example:  yourname-finalexam.doc Make sure that you essay has a heading on the top left hand corner. o       Name o       Date o       Final exam essay o       English 1302  5. Points to remember: Thesis statement (I.Introduction II. Body Paragraph 1 III. Conclusion) Conclusion

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