Essay Writing Services-Marketing Strategy to Reach a Larger Audience

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            Expanding the audience reach is a principal aim of this work. Internet audience is, in this case, preferable and chosen to expand the market reach. The primal rationale for expansion in the audience reached is the fact that the more the people addressed, the higher the created volume of potential customers (Strauss and Frost 319). Internet ads are in this case selected for advertising. The targeted places to show the work is websites, internet-based mobile applications, and social media. In this current era, almost everyone has a smartphone, a computer, or both. Additionally, these device users rely on the internet to access most of the services available on the devices. The internet ads shall be shown to users on specific platforms such as in email using Google ads, in high traffic websites, ad-supporting mobile applications like most free mobile apps, social media posts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Telegram social channels. Users will thus see the ad popups while they access online on content with their internet-connected gadgets.

            Portable network graphic image files would be an appropriate media to design the network-based adverts. These pictures shall be useful in marketing functions primarily due to the conspicuousness of well-designed graphics. Images are also lightweight so they can quickly load in devices with only a little bandwidth of data (Strauss and Frost 326). This is a crucial advantage of picture based ads, in contrast with large files like videos. An image is also capable of communicating much more within itself, and so, just in a single glance at it. These include details of the product on offer, pricing, the location of the organization and other relevant features that matter to potential customers. The advert images being cheap to access due to the low data bandwidth requirement is likely to be accessed by more people with no fear of internet cost.

            Given the resources to develop the project, the image adverts would be designed with suitable digital image processing software such as Photoshop. The included details in the graphic include the product, featuring its aesthetics and desirable features; a price caption; the location of the service or product and other designated offers. The image would require an eye-catching design that communicates much in a glance, and this implies a good choice of appealing colors. The size of the image would be designed in a relative size for the open device’s window such that it is sufficiently visible and not annoyingly distracting the audience. This way they are likely to tolerate the ad and perhaps study it for more details.

            The advantages of this approach include the following. Firstly, there the internet has a large audience with no limits in location. Thus, it is easy to reach overseas audiences too. Secondly, the method is cheaper to develop and maintain. This follows the fact that the cost of designing a graphic is low, relative to other alternative means (Strauss and Frost 386). Another advantage is the effectiveness in communicating the message since each advert is sent to actual individuals. The means is also objective since the cost of advertising is based on the number of clicks by new users. The disadvantages of this plan include the following. The method is secluding in that it focuses on the internet population only, neglecting everyone else who has no access to the internet. Another disadvantage is the rise in the use of ad-block programs which would prevent these adverts from showing up to the targeted audience. In brief, the method is suitable to reach to the vast population in this internet dependent era.

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