Essay Writing Services-Obesity is caused by eating too much and moving too little and so the best way to lose weight is to simply eat fewer calories and do more physical exercise. To what extent do you agree?

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Obesity is currently a global epidemic that is increasingly occurring in people of all age groups, including young children. Prevalence of obesity is influenced by biological factors that have an impact on weight gain and body weight such as genetic makeup, thermogenic effects, physical activity, diet, and demographic variations of a population. According to Ledikwe, Ello-Martin, and Rolls, (2005), the increased obesity rates have corresponded with the rise in the consumption of food portion size that has high energy density and above all the increased consumption of foods eaten away from home. Regular physical activity has been shown to significantly contribute to the reduced incidence of a number of chronic conditions and can help prevent and curb the obesity epidemic (NHS Digital, 2017). Obesity is саusеd by еаting tоо much and moving tоо little, so the best ways to lose weight is to simply еаt fewer саlоriеs and do more рhysiсаl ехеrсisе.

Eating Fewer Calories

Overeating involves an increased consumption of foods with high levels of calories and fats and this contributes to the excessive daily caloric and fat intake. In European countries, low household incomes result in the increased purchase of foods with higher energy content, sugars and fats and less consumption of low energy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables (Lobstein and Leach, 2007). These fat-laden and high caloric foods are very cheap and are easy to get in large portions. The rising prevalence of obesity and overweight globally and across all age groups is mostly caused by the consumption of foods purchased away from home and processed foods which are cheap and contain high portions of fats and calories (Lobstein & Leach, 2007). Overweight people should try all means to stay in the lower range of their weight range by eating very healthy diets and exercising because they tend to be biologically engineered to gain weight (Araniel, 2012). Some people can’t help to eat and the best only alternative they have to lose weight is to ensure they eat fewer calories. Based on numerous laboratory-based studies, excess portions of food with high energy density contribute to surplus energy intakes and this contributes to weight gain (Ledikwe et al., 2005). An effective way of reducing the energy density of foods and still retain the food volume and weight to ensure people eat satisfying portions and at the same time reduce their energy intake levels is to reduce the energy density of foods (Ledikwe et al., 2005). According to Araniel, (2012), most obese people tend to always feel hungry more than others, eat about three times the amount of calories recommended for a healthy diet in a single meal, and gain weight faster. The best way for these individuals to lose weight is by reducing their intake of calories.

More Physical Exercise

Obesity is partly caused by lack of sufficient exercise and therefore adopting a weekly or daily exercise routine significantly helps reduce the incidence of various chronic conditions. In the UK, obesity prevalence increased from 15% in 1993 to 26% in 2014 with 65% of the women and 58% of the women being obese or overweight in 2014 (NHS Digital, 2017). The greater proportion of the UK population doesn’t engage in sufficient exercise. In 2014, a UK based survey observed that only 36% of the adults above 16 years of age actively participated in a sport at least once a week whereas 57% did not actively participate in any sport prior to the study (NHS Digital, 2017). In the US, physical activities levels have radically declined in recent history with less than half of the adult population engaging in the levels of physical activity required to sustain a healthy lifestyle (Wright and Aronne, 2012). People are increasingly living a sedentary lifestyle that is characterised by excessive hours of playing video games, surfing the internet, and television watching. This sedentary lifestyle causes people to have very low levels of energy expenditure and therefore all the excessive energy and fats that are consumed are stored in the body inform of body fat causing an increase in body weight. Physical exercise helps the human body to spend more energy by burning excessive calories and it also an effective way of burning body fat. Excessive intake of calories and fats contributes to the increasing prevalence of obesity across the board. Obesity is a chronic disease and just like the other chronic conditions, it can be significantly prevented and curbed with regular physical exercise.


Obesity is саusеd by excessive eating and little or no physical exercise; therefore, the best ways to lose weight is to simply еаt fewer саlоriеs and do more рhysiсаl ехеrсisе. Excessive eating is characterised by the consumption of foods that have high percentages of calories and fats. These excess fats and calories are the primary cause of body weight. To prevent and lose body weight, individuals should strictly observe a healthy and balanced diet that has the recommended levels of calories and fats. Regular exercise is an effective way of utilising excessive calories and fat that the body does not need and are usually converted to body fat and stored in the tissue if not burnt by the body to produce energy. Regular exercise, therefore, helps to prevent and curb weight gain by utilising the excessive energy and burning fats.

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