ethics difficulties in responding to a request for services, and resolve those difficulties.

Analyze the ethics difficulties in responding to a request for services, and resolve those difficulties. You are a single parent of two children: a 7-year-old and a 9-year-old. You are also a licensed psychologist. You have had the same live-in caretaker, Angela, for your children since they were born. Angela tells you that her teenage daughter has been having nightmares and believes that having a pet dog to sleep in her room with her would help her. The problem is that they live in a pet free apartment complex. Angela has heard that if her daughter is diagnosed with some kind of disability, she will be allowed to have an emotional support dog. She asks you to write a letter to the management company. If you agree to write that letter, will you be doing any harm? Discuss this issue and the potential violation of at least five APA Ethics Standards. Be sure to incorporate information from the article by Ensminger and Thomas (2013) on some of the implications of writing that letter. Note that besides multiple relationships, there is at least one other key ethics worry in this scenario. First notice a small contradiction in the story. The caretaker is at first said to live in the psychologist’s home, and later it is said that the caretaker lives in her own apartment in a building elsewhere from the psychologist’s house. This small contradiction does not affect the ethics aspects of the scenario. Note also that since the caretaker has been caring for the psychologist’s children for nine years, it is likely that the psychologist has met the caretaker’s daughter, in non-psychology settings, and likely has some sort of a “friendship” relationship with the daughter. Therefore there is a potential multiple relationship between the daughter and the psychologist. And there is a potential different kind of multiple relationship between the caregiver and the psychologist. Be sure to address both potential multiple relationships . Note that at the time that the psychologist is asked to write the letter, the psychologist has never treated the caregiver’s daughter, and has not interviewed the caregiver’s daughter to do a psychological assessment of the daughter. This raises a couple of possibilities in which the psychologist could write the letter, neither of which is specified in the scenario. The psychologist could interview and assess the daughter, and then write the letter. Without interviewing and assessing the daughter, the psychologist could write the letter Note that each alternative creates different kinds of multiple relationships.. Note also, that writing the letter without interviewing and assessing the daughter would be addressed in standards of the ethics code other than the standard on multiple relationships. . Be sure to analyze the ethics of writing the letter in each possibility, with and without interviewing the daughter. The article by Ensminger and Thomas (2013) titled Writing letters to help patients with service and support animals appears to be a red herring. the article is not pertinent to multiple relationship issues or to the issue of writing the letter without assessing the daughter. I recommend you do not use the article in your essay for this psychology term paper. 5 references