evaluative essay comparing two media.

evaluative essay comparing two media. You’ll use the short story “The Bear Came Over the Mountain” and the film Away from Her. With 2 references

have specific criteria,
using the short story as source material
use that criterion to make judgments about the film
support the judgment with evidence from the text and film
be 1000 words long (applies to Main Document only)
have an explicit thesis statement
In this case, we’re making a judgment, and that should be included in the thesis. Remember — this judgment is not about the film or text being good or bad. It’s about whether or not the film lives up to the criteria established in the short story.
include integrated, direct quotes from the text/film to support the thesis
be written using APA guidelines
use APA guidelines for citation, both in-text and on a References page
avoid using 1st- or 2nd-person references (focus on objective 3rd-person references instead)
be submitted as a MS Word .docx file

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