Evolution Of PR: Bringing Theory To Practice

Bringing theory to practice is the focus of this course.

(  this is will be my theory ” Excellence” in PR)    prepare a 5-minute presentation on:


1. Two or three key concepts of the theory (a short overview) 2. Key individuals involved in the development or dissemination of the theory 3. Primary influences on the industry both historically and currently. 4. Give an example of the theory in practice, historically or currently.




. A minimum of 3 external sources (not the textbook or Study Guide) are required. Two should be academic sources (journals, papers, etc. not popular media.)


A visual aid is also required . It may be in Prezi, PowerPoint, or handout format. Hint: There should be a minimal amount of text. I cannot open Keynote files.


write a 3 page analysis paper  about the highlights of the theory’s impact on public relations – a deeper explanation of the application and/or importance of the theory, or the example you used. The paper must show complete understanding of both the theory and its application.