Exclusive breast feeding of a newborn

Exclusive breast feeding of a newborn is critical. A child needs all the nutrients and health benefits that come from their mother’s breastmilk. In addition to feeding the baby, breast feeding creates a perfect moment for a mother to bond with their child. Some of the reasons why mothers might not what to breast feed include, postpartum depression, shame due to less milk production or even cosmetic reasons such as the fear of sagging breasts.

When I notice that the mother is not breast feeding I will inquire what the reason is. If it is a psychological issue I will appoint a counsellor to help her get through the issues so as to allow her to breast feed her baby. A lot of mother’s unknowingly go through postpartum depression and this can reduce their milk production or their zeal to breast feed completely.

Where breast feeding is still not possible, I will result to formula milk. I understand clearly that breast feeding is not just about the milk but rather the bond that is created. I will therefore place the baby in the mother’s arm in a position that seems like they are being breastfed, child is likely to assume the formula is their mother’s breasts and thus adjust to it (Cowell, 2016).

I will also request the mother to pump out some milk for the baby in case they are scared of saggy breasts. Whereas saggy breasts are almost inevitable, expressing milk makes the sagging less. I will also insist on a clean and nutritious diet for the mother. Without eating healthy, milk production is likely to reduce and some mothers, maybe ashamed by this.

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