Explain and discuss Leahey’s (2013) claim that “Descartes dug a hole” (p. 147) for psychology.

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– I: ‘dug a hole’ metaphor- Leahey’s suggesting that Descartes did not have a positive. Psychology fell into a hole, ‘hole’ demonstrates the struggle to progress in psychology. – II: problems identified by Leahey: how the mind or soul and body interact; Problem of interaction. “location problem of the mind”, Problem of the other minds and problem of homunculus – Problems identified by lecturer: Impossibility of science of psychology Problem of interaction Problem of representationism, idealism and the slide into solipsism, reification of consciousness, consciousness transparent to itself. – Explain and discuss- why are problems supposed to be problems?

– Discuss: are problems really problems for psychology?

word count:500

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