Explain schema and how it can result in a false memory?

: Serial Position Effect—The goal of the current ZAPS is to understand how we store and retrieve information from memory.

In your summary, answer the following questions: What is the primacy effect?  Why do we see the primacy effect?  What is the recency effect?  Why do we see the recency effect?  Did you tend to remember the first few words and the last few words?  What strategies did you use to remember the items?


ZAPS 6: False Memory Task—the goal of this ZAPS is to introduce you to the DRM paradigm and explain how schemas can influence our memory.

In your summary please report your results for the three conditions.  Were your results similar to the reference results?  Why or why not?  Based on your reading this week, and the ZAPS, what is a schema?  How can a schema result in a false memory?