Explain why the United States intervened in World War I.

Unit 2 Exam: Part 1 (40 points)

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For Part 1 of the Unit 2 Exam, read the two documents attached above and examine the image located below and attached above. Using the documents, the image, and the textbook, write an essay (minimum 400 words) answering the questions listed below.

NOTE: Read all of document 1. Document 2 is 20 pages long, but you only need to focus on pages 5-10, especially the highlighted portions. Here is a youtube link to actor Mark Ruffalo performing the highlighted portions of the speech in document 2: https://youtu.be/zuGp-0G1p4M

Part 1 Questions:

how does Woodrow Wilson justify his support for American involvement in World War I?

how does Eugene V. Debs justify his opposition to World War I?

3. What elements of the image above reflect the ideas presented in documents 1 and 2? How do you think imagery like this affected American perceptions about Germans and World War I?

4. Based on the textbook, as well as the documents and the image, explain why the United States intervened in World War I.