Explain why you think performance evaluation may not be necessary or are still an integral part of performance management

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Assignment:Write a response to this topic: Explain why you think performance evaluation may not be necessary or are still an integral part of performance management.

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I belief that Performance Evaluation is still an integral part of Performance Management. I believe so because of the following reasons:


1)It helps identify training needs. A performance evaluation can help identify training needs of an employee through goings through their strengths and opportunities for improvement.


2) Disciplinary action – for those employees that are not performing up to par, it helps keep a paper trail of discussions regarding this or for those employees with attitude issues, it help provide record of prior warnings, or advice for improving such attitude.


3)Career goals – It helps Managers know what the employee’s goals long term goals are. Do they want to stay in the department they are in or switch to a different department? Should there be an opening in a different department, will they be interested in applying or not?


4) Promotion – It helps set the stage for promotions. Managers/ supervisors can take a look at the employees’ prior evaluation to see if there is improvement over the years or to determine if the person is consistent with hitting their goals or not.


These are some of the reasons why I think performance evaluation is still relevant to organizations.




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The performance evaluation process is an integral part of performance management. The system allows for management or HR to review and evaluate employees individually or as a team as often as they deem necessary. The component plays a significant role in the success of an organization as it can serve as a representation of its strategic plan. Annual or quarterly evaluations can keep management and employees up to date with future plans, on track with goals, objectives, ensure the lines of communication remain open for feedback, measure an employee’s job knowledge, and their job productivity. “Well-done performance appraisals can be a source of development information.” (pg.349) The information can then be used to make personnel decisions to assist in the improvement of a company’s efficiency.

The process can encourage performance, justify financial increases, and ultimately hold employees accountable. It can also be used in the event of a termination or claim made against a manager by an employee. The evaluation can either protect the manager or aid an employee’s claim. The idea behind conducting a performance evaluation provides both parties with an understanding as to why things worked well or not as planned due to the system providing data on the employee’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals accomplished. The system documents the performance of an individual and the organization and essentially maintains a log of all events throughout a time-frame. HR or management can then use the evaluation to highlight and address many work-related issues, by communicating a positive roadmap to employees.” (pg.372)

Mathis, R. L., Jackson, J. H., Valentine, S., &Meglich, P. A. (2017). Human resource management. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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