Exploring gender roles and inequality through Trifles Research Paper

compose an 1100-word Literary Analysis and Research Paper, paper must follow a thesis-and-support format, where you state a three-part argument and support it with evidence and analysis. Your evidence should include quotations from library databases. You should include 2 reliable sources that support your argument from library databases. Sources should be cited in correct MLA 8 format. The paper should include deep critical thinking that digs below the surface-meaning of the text, paper should express unique personal interactions with the text, which show the development of an individual response style (not the responses one might read on Cliffnotes.com or a similar site). You should not use “you” in your paper, but the first person “I” is okay. Run-on sentences and fragments are not permitted. The topic is about Trifles by Susan Glaspell, exploring the gender differences and inequality while analyzing Trifles, you should use direct quotation and paraphrasing from the Trifles using the Norton introduction to literature by Kelly James (12th Edition), using the page # from this book only when quoting or paraphrasing. At leaset 2 to 3 outside sources beside the Norton introduction to literature by Kelly James (12th Edition must be used and the correct MLA8 citation, Sources : Susan Glaspell and the anxiety of expression by Hinz-bode and any other source about feminism and gender inequality in the 1900.