To what extent do collisions affect the relationship between mass and sound?

1) extended essay about the relationship between mass and sound
2) NEED in text citation
3) about 4000 words
4) the outline is
1. an indication of why the topic chosen is interesting, important or worthy of study
2. some background information and an attempt to place the topic in an appropriate context
3. a clear concluding statement of the thesis and argument, i.e. the response to the research question that will subsequently be developed in the body of the essay.
Body Development
a convincing answer to the research question. The structure and the approach to this section will be shaped by the conventions of the particular subject in which the extended essay is being undertaken Some subjects may require              sub­headings for major sections within the main body For example scientific investigations will usually have separate sections for method and results
2. indicates issues, unresolved questions and new questions that have emerged from the research

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