Financial Institutions- Past, present, and future of TESLA stock performance

Term Paper/Project Guidelines

Fall 2018-19 (Today is Nov. 3, 2018)

Total Points: 25 (Write-up 15, Presentation 10)

Financial Institutions



Topics: You will pick one out of following three topics. It is a group work. Every group will have no more than threemembers. Names of group members must be submitted to me within next week.


  1. Past present and future of TESLA stock performance



Deadline: December 10, 2018 (Monday, in class). Submission after deadline is subject to high penalty, which will be at least 10 percent per day. You will submit me the printed copy of your paper. You will ALSO submit a softcopy of your paper to me by email).


Font: 12 pt, Times New Roman; Margin: one inch from all sides, Page should be numbered. Cover page will not be numbered. Cover page will have names of all the members. Spacing: double spaced. No need for table of contents. Graphs and Tables must be nicely presented in the main body of the paper.


Length: The paper should be approximately 15-page long including cover page and references. It may be little larger or smaller. I give more weight on quality than on quantity.


Plagiarism/cut and paste will not be allowed at all. If you want to use other authors’ ideas word for word, do it properly by putting those under quotations. Otherwise, write in your words. Do not use too many quotations because it will reduce your own input. I appreciate your effort.


References should be consistent. That is, only one type will be followed. You cannot mix various styles when giving references.


Every group must submit a paper regarding the participation of the members in the paper. This is a separate sheet of paper signed by all members and is attached to the paper. Everybody will present the paper and I will ask questions to every member of the group and it does not matter who does what part of the paper.


I will give you points based on cleanliness, originality, effort, depth of discussion, and format/organization.


You should have following sections/headings.

Summary in the beginning (with about 150 words)


Discussion of the problem, reasons, immediate and future impact, etc.


There will be other headings/sections between introduction and conclusion. You will choose other headings based on your topic and the information you feel relevant. Headings should be appropriately numbered.You may give suggestion/recommendations, however it is not required.


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