Gen Psych Extra Credit College/University/Graduate School paper Help: Assignment!

Gen Psych Extra Credit Assignment!

you will watch/attend a psychology talk and choose a related to this podcast

This means that the talk you watch/attend must relate to a topic discussed in the fourth unit of our class (i.e., developmental psychology, health & stress, mental health, or therapy).

1-brief (two – three sentence) summary of the podcast topic.


What did you like about the podcast? What interested you?


What didn’t you like about the podcast? What was confusing or unclear?


How did the content of the podcast connect to the textbook and/or class

discussions? Identify at least two points of connection.


If you could interview one or more of the podcast speakers, what would you

ask them? Write at least two possible interview questions

· Write at least one additional page (total length 2-3 pages)

· Describe the talk that you watched/attended – what did you like or find particularly interesting about it? Was there anything you disliked or found confusing?

· Discuss at least two links between the talk and the podcast (this can be incorporated into the section linking the podcast with the textbook/class material.

· Include at least two questions you would like to ask the speaker.