Get Assignment Help-Hearsay Video Essay

Get Assignment Help-Hearsay Video Essay

Please watch the Hearsay video below. This video is a scene from the television show law and order. In the video a woman who has witnessed a shooting gives two statements about the shooting. She gives one statement to the initial investigating officer. Then she speak again to Detectives ( Chris Noth and Jerry Orbach) who arrive at the scene to begin conducting the murder investigation.

For you Assignment you must consider each of the woman’s statements and do the following:

Statement 1 ( made to initial officer) :

Is this statement an excited utterance?

Please list and explain the factors you are relying upon to form your conclusion.


Statement 2 ( made to the detectives)

In what ways does the second statement differ from the first?

Is the second statement an excited utterance? Why or why not?


Your assignment must be completed in no  more than three pages. It must be well written and should make reference to course material to support you  opinions and insights.

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