Get Cheap and Affordable Essay and Assignment help on HISTORY &PHILOSOP HY OF PSYCHOLOGY 2013 TUTORIAL QUESTIONS-

Get Cheap and Affordable Essay and Assignment help on HISTORY & PHILOSOPHY OF PSYCHOLOGY 2013 TUTORIAL QUESTIONS

(Draft answers to these questions should be brought to the relevant tutorial each week. Answers to questions 1-12 must be submitted for the assignment. Of those, the asterisked questions are the questions which will be specifically marked; the remaining questions will accrue 10% towards the assignment mark if your answers are judged to be a serious attempt (see further details in Learning Guide). Questions 13-30 will form the pool for the shortanswer questions in the exam (see further details in Learning Guide). Week 3 tutorial

1. Discuss how the views and approach of Socrates might be relevant to psychology today.

2. What is meant by “Ockham’s razor”, and how do Ockham’s views illustrate it? Do you believe it is a principle which psychology should follow today?

3. *Briefly describe one characteristic of the medieval world view, and discuss the ways in which things are similar and/or different today. Week 4 tutorial

4. How was the “clockwork” conception of the universe supposedly a challenge to Aristotelian teleology? Which of the two views do you find most convincing?

5. *Is there any problem with the Cartesian version of “mind-body interactionism”?

6. Explain and discuss Leahey’s (2013) claim that “Descartes dug a hole” (p. 147) for psychology. Week 5 tutorial

7. Briefly explain what Leahey (2013) refers to as an “irony of the Scientific Revolution” (p. 160). How did Berkeley answer the “skeptical question”? Do you think his answer is acceptable?

8. *How was common sense reasserted in Thomas Reid’s views on perception, and in what way was this a return to Aristotle?

9. How does the Wizard of Oz illustrate Kant’s explanation of why the world looks the way it does? What is the alternative realist view? Which do you prefer? Week 6 tutorial

10. Why was Darwin’s theory considered to be objectionable? Is our attitude to his theory different today? 11. *William James claims that his theory of emotion “makes

– I: ‘dug a hole’ metaphor- Leahey’s suggesting that Descartes did not have a positive. Psychology fell into a hole, ‘hole’ demonstrates the struggle to progress in psychology. – II: problems identified by Leahey: how the mind or soul and body interact; Problem of interaction. “location problem of the mind”, Problem of the other minds and problem of homunculus – Problems identified by lecturer: Impossibility of science of psychology Problem of interaction Problem of representationism, idealism and the slide into solipsism, reification of consciousness, consciousness transparent to itself. – Explain and discuss- why are problems supposed to be problems?

– Discuss: are problems really problems for psychology?

word count:500

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