Get Help With Essay-Contraceptive Management


Get Help With Essay-Contraceptive Management

1.The nurse practitioner is prescribing a depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) injection for a patient. This medication is given at ? week intervals: 3, 6, 9, 12

2. When comparing COC’s to the contraceptive patch and vaginal ring, which of the following statements by the nurse practitioner is correct?

The ring, patch, and COC’s have the same theoretical efficacy

The vaginal ring offers more opportunity for user error

The patch has lower failure rates in obese women

COCs have fewer variety of formulations

3. Although barrier contraception methods is less effective in preventing pregnancy than more modern methods, the nurse practitioner understands that interest in barrier methods is on the rise because they:

Can help against STIs, including HIV

Are coitus dependent and require planning

Are nonallergenic and male controlled

Involve the use of hormones

4. The nurse practitioner is discussing contraceptive efficacy with a patient. This term refers to:

The rate of success in those who are spacing their pregnancies

The likelihood of pregnancy when a method is used exactly as prescribed

The number of pregnancies when a method is used improperly or inconsistently

5. A patient is being counseled about emergency contraceptive methods. All of the following methods may be used for emergency contraception EXCEPT:

Copper IUD

Ulipristal acetate

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