Get Reflective Essay Help-Global or local strategy for Green & Black organic chocolate?

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Global or local strategy for Green & Black organic chocolate?

Week three

This is your second week working as an intern for the Green& Black product manager at Mondelez at their Melbourneoffices in Australia. Ms Bianca Melky has asked you to assist her by providing some background research for developing her future plans. Refresh your memory by reviewing your workshop report from last week.

You will have a one page summary document generated by your group that:

  • Identify the five core marketplace concepts in the context of Green & Black chocolates.
  • List the key environmental influences on the chocolate market in Australia. 
  • Identify key competitors in organic chocolate market

It was expected that you would show her the brief macro or pest analysis from last week using credible sources of information as outlined in your workshop and lectures. You should try to use APA references to show her how hard you have worked.

This week Bianca needs to prepare to write a marketing plan for her product category. As the intern she wants you to use some the theory she knows you are using at university to assist her with her forward planning.

To help you structure your background research, Bianca has provided you with a work plan to help get you started.

For this exercise she has asked you to complete the analysis on the Helix Personas Metrotech consumer sector with specific interest in the Young and Platinum group 201

You will use this sector to think about how customer’s decision making is different.

Decision making model

It is advised that you take some notes of the relevant insights into the consumer behavior of the Young and Platinum group 201 in Helix personas. Pretend you are one of them and think about the steps in the decision making process and identify what would be important to them. Some questions you might ask are as follows:

What problem or need does a chocolate bar satisfy for the customer?

From where and what type of information is this customer group likely to seek?

What are the competitive brands they are likely to select from and why?

Which product do you think they are likely to purchase and why? What attributes are important?

Are they likely to have any post purchase dissonance?

You should use key headings to guide your insights on the influences and the decision making process.

You are encouraged to use the links provided in your lecture slides and others discussed during the workshop

Feedforward / Feedback

From the workshop last week as a group you will submit a brief outline of your work from last week (1 page max, you may use bullet points). You will receive comments on this analysis by the end of the workshop.

This feedback will help you prepare for assessments 3 and 4.

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Reflective Journal


Institutional Affiliation

Reflective Journal

Marketing is a process which leads to the movement of goods and services, from the concept to the customers who are regarded to as the consumers. As such, I learned that marketing is a process which requires promotional practices with an aim of selling the goods and services. The promotion is usually in the form of advertisement which creates brand awareness and thus drawing the consumers towards purchasing the products. The act of promotion is also dependent on research to understand the target market. As such, marketing is a process through which a business practices promotion as well as selling of the brand through different strategies.

I have also learned that the process of marketing is inclusive of different elements. One of the major element is the product which is being promoted through advertisements and sold to the consumers. The marketing process requires the marketer to identify the product, select the goods and services then work towards developing them to make the products appealing to the consumers. The second factor in marketing is price; with relevance to the target population and the quality of goods and services, there is a need for the marketer to set a rational price. The third most important element in marketing is place, which is affected by the distribution channels which are determinant of the ways the consumers will access the products. The fourth most significant element in marketing is the promotional strategy. The strategy of promotion requires thorough research and integration of all the necessary tools to facilitate promotions (Martin, 2014). With advertisements as the main way promotion is carried out, there is the need to integrate social media platforms to create an efficient advert which will reach the target customers.

4Ps marketing mix

 (Martin, 2014)

Figure 1: 4 P’s of Marketing Mix (Martin, 2014)

Marketing also involves the collection of data which is relevant to the organization which is selling the produces. For example, through the use of the customer-involvement theory of marketing, the marketer can learn the behavior of the consumers towards the product (McNamara, 2018). I learned that the target population has a unique way of relating to the products. The marketer should observe the way customers relate to products and use data towards product development. McNamara (2018) indicates that ensuring that the customers relate with the product is important. For instance, while advocating food one should ensure that the consumers are carried away by the advert.

Consumer involvement

(McNamara, 2018)

Secondly, I learned that that customers need motivation towards consumption of the products. During the marketing of different beverages I leaned the need to use the motivation-need theory in marketing. Remarkably, the marketers require creation of an effective artificial need for the customers (OHIO, 2016). I learned that there is thus need to integrate the theories of marketing to increase sales. For instance, to acquire data about the way customers relate to the products, the marketer will require applying the customer involvement theory. After collection of the relevant data, the marketer will require to develop the products to create artificial needs for the customers. The artificial needs created through the motivational need theory is as a result of the customer involvement theory in marketing. As such, the two theories are complementary.

Consumer behavior

(OHIO, 2016)

Consumers are the greatest focus of the marketers. The process of marketing thus ensures that through the promotion, the goods and services are accessible to the customers. There is need to identify the target market then embrace the 4Ps of marketing. The elements of product, price, place and promotion are of great essentiality in marketing. Furthermore, I learned that using different theories of marketing is of great essentiality as it creates success of the firm.


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