A Good Man Is Hard to Find

Next, compose a response paper that analyzes “A Good Man is Hard to Find” specifically in terms of theme, by addressing one or more of the
following questions: what do you think is the story’s underlying message? How does the story’s
characters, setting, and plot help to emphasize this theme? Are there any symbols in the story that
might help underscore this theme? Finally, what might this theme suggest about the author’s
worldview or values?
• Compose a 1000-1200-word response that analyzesa story’s theme. Youcan applya CriticalStrategy to help
guideyour response.Your paper should contain atleast ONE direct quote and ONE paraphrase
from the text, and it should include an MLA formatted Works Cited page.
• Remember to double space your paper, include an MLA heading, MLA pagination, and ensure that
you are using 12 point Cambria or Times New Roman font. At minimum, your paper should be
1000-1200 words

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