Group task: Module 5 – Personalizing student assessment using social media

Group task: Module 5 – Personalizing student assessment using social media
This week is about how students can use social media to best show their learning in a way that
works for them. After
reading the Bray and McClaskey Chapter 3 excerpt, review the
personalized learning profiles of the two students below.
The scenario: Imagine that you are Jack and Jill’s teachers. In order to find out how their
learning is progressing, you have been collecting formative (on-going) and summative
(summary) assessments during the school year and have come up with an idea of each
students’ strengths and challenges. In your imaginary personalized learning classroom, you
allow your students to use social media to show their learning in the form of their choosing.
Imagine what projects your students will submit.
What to do: For this task, your group will create 3 for Jill and 3 projects for Jack (6 total, can
do 1 each or work together). You may choose the grade, subject, and outcomes that you are
targeting in each case. (I.e. you can do one from Jill as a grade 9 student from social studies
and a different one from Jill as a grade 4 student in math). Each example should include:
1. Activity and outcomes: A brief description of the
activity and targeted outcomes
(grade, subject, big idea, core competency, curriculum outcomes, digital literacy
framework, as in module 2 – link to curriculum is
here, digital framework is here)
2. Product: The
actual product “created” by the student (You will create a product from
the point of view of the student – create what you imagine Jack or Jill might submit).
Again, this is meant to be an example created by the imaginary student (not just
explaining the app).
3. Personalized learning connections: Then, describe the
connection between your
product and the student learning profile
. Based on their information, why would they
choose to show their learning this way?
Posted in module 5 there is an
example of a social media product that comes from my own
classroom using Pinterest in an English Language Arts class. This student chose to represent
her understanding of a character (Anne of Green Gables) using a Pinterest board to explain
her internal and external traits. Other ideas might include a series of Instagram posts related
to a science lesson on plant growth or using a “map my run” type app to track progress in for
Phys Ed and nutrition. Use any social media tool that you would like but be sure that it
connects with what you know about the student.
As each product might take several forms (including screen shots, links, or media files), I
recommend that you create a
google doc to collect the group submission. However, you may
choose another platform if that makes sense for your group and can also drop any additional
files in the drop box together with the google doc.

JACK – Personal Learning Profile
Jack’s Strengths Jack’s Challenges

Access I am a strong reader
I have a great imagination
I am very comfortable with
I am a good writer
I am good at math
I have a hard time understanding
a perspective that is different than
my own.
I am not very good at listening to
I am forgetful
Engage I enjoy creative writing and coming
up with new ideas
I am very social and enjoy learning
through discussion
I am very good at researching on
topics that interest me
I have difficulty focusing,
especially when there are other
people around
I procrastinate
I like to have my own way in a
group and be in charge
I am sometimes bossy and tell
others what to do
I get bored easily
Express I enjoy debate
I am good a teaching others
I enjoy acting and drama
I am good at problem solving and
I have difficulty paying attention
to detail
I struggle with editing and
organizing my ideas
I do not have confidence in my
athletic or physical abilities

Aspirations Talents Interests

Video game designer Public speaking Youth novels
Actor Logic / Puzzles Animals/Pets
Teacher Technology Video games
Lawyer Imaginative play Crime/Mystery TV Shows

JILL – Personal Learning Profile
Jill’s Strengths Jill’s Challenges

Access I love languages and learn them
I am good at spelling and grammar
I am a strong reader
I am a strong writer
I struggle with numbers
I get overwhelmed easily when I
am confused
I participate very little in large
group/class discussion or
Engage I am friendly and a good listener
I like to work by myself or one other
I am good a focusing on a task that I
I am shy and dislike being the
center of attention
I have difficulty asserting myself
in a group
I tend to keep questions and
ideas to myself even if I am lost
Express I enjoy creating and using my
I am artistic and enjoy trying new
ways to create
I like to show my learning through
I am anxious about doing things
I take a long time to complete a
I dislike public speaking and
spontaneous questions/tasks

Aspirations Talents Interests

Journalist Speaks 3 languages Language
Travel writer Artistic Travel/Culture
Interpreter Writing Cooking
Book editor Creative Swimming


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