The growth of e-learning in higher education-Research paper

During the previous week, you prepared an agenda for a professional development workshop. You will now provide a written keynote address for the workshop that you will be asked to present on the opening day of the workshop. The dialogue should help motivate the instructors and set the tone for the rest of the sessions. Within your address, be sure to cover all of the topics researched in this course and relate how these topics are vital to the success of e-learning.

Be sure to include the following information:

The growth of e-learning in higher education
The need to embrace new skills
The role of the student and the teacher
The need to address cultural diversity
The importance of collaboration and social presence
The use of technology tools to engage learners
The creation of assessments that measure student engagement
The need for ongoing professional development
Length: 12-15 pages, not including the title and reference pages
References: Include a minimum of seven scholarly references.

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