humans versus Neanderthals:What did modern humans do that Neanderthals did not

First, what do humans share with Neanderthals? How are we alike?

Here, you should go beyond simple anatomy (although topics like genetics would be useful to discuss) and consider things like social relations- taking care of families- as well as symbolic behavior like art and religion.

Consider what makes us different. What did modern humans do that Neanderthals did not? Here you might consider the case of Mungo Man. Your essay should have a clear thesis or main argument.

In answering this question, you should draw upon the textbook by Hansen and Curtis, the documents in Envisioning World Civilizations, and the chapters from Harari, David, and Azlan.

This is a more than an opinion piece- you must demonstrate that you have done the readings, assessed the material presented by the authors, and that you can use that material to make an argument. This essay should be 2 full pages , double spaced.

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