Hasan Ibn Al-haytham – Philosophy Essay

Students are invited to conduct their own research into a particular philosophical theme of their choice. Typically, every student will make a choice of a philosopher, his/her individual creative paper will be dedicated to, and will explore some selective aspects of this philosophy in a critical, argumentative style. Conceptual, methodological rigor of the analysis, as well a focus on the cultural implications of the philosophy are highly recommended. · Typed, 11-point font, Times New Roman font, single spaced. Use any approved format when documenting references. · Must be 4 to 7 pages (not including cover sheet). Any paper with less than 4 pages will not qualify for full credit. This is a paper where you prove to me that you understand a philosophy, its concepts, and can write about it in a coherent manner. I want the topic to be on Hasan Ibn Al-haytham. About his life, how he grew up, his passion to learn, his philosophy, etc