Health assignment Research Paper

First two pages- select three journal articles related to the effect of air pollution on human health. Articles should be on or after 2010. Abstracts 1, 2, 3 – use your own words to explain the interesting findings of the articles that are related to the topic that you want to talk about and supports the conclusions that you will reach later. DO NOT list the titles in the paper you are writing, they should be referenced at the end APA style. The bottom line is that this is a single research paper of a topic related to health and environment. Discuss the health effects of air pollution and why the abstracts supports your conclusion. Critique the articles as what’s good and not so good about them. Is the methods used wrong? Do the findings meet your expectations? etc. Provide personal examples that may be related to the subject matter. -Next two pages (450 words)-Watch the movie ( and discuss the following. Use supported evidence where possible. Follow the rules listed below. What’s movie about? Give a brief description of the main topics presented. What are the main environmental and health concerns presented? Provide 2 examples of each from the movie. Think back to module 1 where we discussed the triple bottom line, what about each of the three bottom lines here, is there a balance or some bottom lines have outplaced others? Since this movie came out, there have been new concerns raised related to fracking. Research and find 3 instances related to fracking and its impact on economic, environmental, health and safety that are currently being talked about. e.g. Oklahoma and earthquakes. We live in Texas where energy is a main driver of our economy. What’s your own opinion on the topic, especially related to health? Find supporting evidence to your argument