Health Research paper

12 font, Times New Roman. 1 inch margins. Pages numbered. Use APA rules for in-text citation and end-of-paper references. 2. NO quotes allowed. Paraphrase is strongly encouraged. It’s a Turnitin assignment, so > 20% match will be unfavorable to the grade assigned. Grammar will be 50% of the grade. 3. Use this link to view the movie, unless you have another way to see it for free: 4. Use the following general format for the paper: Introduction of the movie and what you plan to discuss in the paper Present major themes of the movie, especially related to health Relate the movie themes to the books discussion of economics, government, law and society. Is what’s presented in the movie as related to food sustainable for the population and society? Talk about health. Use a minimal of 7 outside resources, preferably academic journal articles to support your views