Describe different Methods of Height measurements in humans

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, students will NOT be collecting their own data for this assignment. Instead, your instructor will share the data sets with you.

You have started a new business providing height measurements of humans. Your customers expect accurate and precise measurements. You offer two methods of measurement: a yardstick or meterstick, and a tape measure. You must test the two methods to evaluate their performance and provide the results to your customers.

For this experiment, you will need the following:

  • A yardstick or meterstick.
  • A tape measure.
  • Access to a single entrance door that is six feet or taller.
  • Twenty or more individual participants.


Method 1

You will test Method 1 in this way:

  1. Ask each participant to measure the height of the entrance door using the yardstick or the meterstick.
  2. The participant will report the measurement to you or someone you have designated as the data collector. If the participants are together, make sure that they don’t reveal their answers to anyone but the data collector.
  3. Tabulate the data and plot each measurement on a run or sequence chart. No deviation from the prescribed method is allowed.

Method 2

For Method 2, you may use the same or a different set of participants and the same entrance door or another door.

  1. This time, the participants will use the tape measure in any way they desire.
  2. Again, each person silently reports the measurement of the door to you or a designated data collector.