Help With My Essay:Organizational Evolution and Change

Help With My Essay:Organizational Evolution and Change

Organizational Evolution and Change

As you may have noticed, our discussions throughout this course have been progressive. Transitioning from virtual group challenges to a deeper consideration of how technology has affected organizations over the past several decades seems to be the next logical step. Often, people will say that change is the constant in organizations, and this proposition would be difficult to dispute. However, technology has been a large part of the ongoing change, and the organization of the early twenty-first century certainly looks different from an organization of the 1960s or 1970s. Try to imagine a 1960s-era leader or manager being transported into a twenty-first-century organizational setting or office. Although that might be the fastest way to note just how much technology has aided organizational evolution, it is not possible. Technology has evolved, but not enough to transport people through time.

Consider the aforementioned aspects, and using online library resources, research organizational evolution. Then, respond to the following:

Explain how technology has affected organizational evolution in the past forty years.

Comment on the types of technology, the pace of technological advancement, and the factors that have affected the pace of organizational change during this time.