Herman Miller and Its Rain Forest Chairs

1) Read the reading (available in the additional materials)
2) Answer the questions


1) Evaluate Foley’s decision on changing the Eames chair woods. Consider the moral standards at issue for various stakeholders.

2 )Is it troublesome that Miller’s profits were off when Foley made the decision?

3) Is Herman Miller bluffing with “green marketing”? Would Albert Carr (Reading 2.3) support Herman Miller’s actions for different reasons?

4) Why would Herman Miller decided to buy equipment that exceeded the 1990 Clean Air Act standards when it would not be needed in three years?

5) In 2010, sales earnings were down for the company, but Herman Miller retained its sustainability focus. Despite advice from shareholders and experts, the company refused to cut costs by eliminating some of its green programs. Did the sustainability focus help the company with its sales and profits?

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