high-risk sexual behaviors

Research Review Paper – The course term paper should be focused upon understanding a modern social problem through the theoretical lens of a personality theory (grand theory or mini-theory).  Examples of modern social problems include high-risk sexual behaviors, poverty, racism, crime, rape, sexual deviance, student behavioral problems, marital troubles, and the like.  Therefore, the goal to complete the paper should be focused on issues such as using behavioral techniques to reduce student behavioral problems in the classroom, understanding pedophilia from a Freudian perspective, or even violence from an evolutionary psychology perspective.  It is important that the paper not simply be a review of a specific theory.  It is also important that it not be a simple biography of a theorist and his or her work.  It MUST demonstrate a thorough understanding of the theory that is providing a lens, but must also demonstrate the ability to apply the theory to the understanding (suggesting solutions, for example) of a modern practical social problem. The term paper will account 30% final grade.

* Paper will be in American Psychological Association (APA) format.
* Paper will be 6 to 8 pages in length – not including the cover page and the reference page.
* Use five professional journal reference sources for the literature review.
* Each student will verbally present their Paper on the 7th week of the course.
* The due date for submitting the Paper is during the 7th week of the course.

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