High School Sports Administration

State Athletic Activity & Administration Org. & Certification

Part 1: Go to the NIAAA website, read thru and become familiar with the Sample Personal Data Form to become a Registered Athletic Administrator.  While you cannot fill out this form, please provide a short summary of what you have learned about the RAA certification.

Part 2: Find three web-sites (list their URL) not listed in the syllabus nor discussed in Modules 1 or 2 (state associations and AD associations) related to high school athletics (or any topics related to high school sports, equipment, facilities, athletic training, etc.) List each website and describe the following:

* The purpose and significance of the website

* Describe how the site is beneficial to high school athletic departments, athletic directors, athletes, etc.

* Explain if the site is easy to navigate. Describe strengths and weaknesses of the website.

In a 2-4 page essay, address the above issue and describe how you would use this information as an athletic administrator.


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