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This journal is about:( important)
Week # 2: Ethical Conduct (How should people in higher education treat each other? What is moral relativism? What is beneficence? Which of the author’s aphorisms (pp 25-26) do you find compelling and why?

The journal will consist of three parts:

Part I: Discuss, define, and analyze the weekly discussion/ essential questions thoroughly. Cite research or other authority to support your position as needed.

Part II: Reflect, discuss, and analyze weekly reading assignments and/or work on class assessments. (For example, what positions from the readings do you agree with? Why or why not? Did anything surprise you? Are the authors’ positions relevant? What, if anything, is missing from the readings?)

Part III: Connect the class reading assignments and your reflections to professional practice. (For example, consider the following: How does this work affect your work in higher education?How does this relate to professional development work in your area of interest in higher education? How does your experience and course work relate to other educational issues in higher education at the state or national level? What opinions or issues are relevant to your work or of interest to you on a personal level?)

– I uploaded the pictures of the whole chapter2  from page15-34 so please use this book as the essential sources and you can use google or some good websites to answer some questions ( if you do that please write the references of these sources).

– please answer the question above as essay with paragraphs.

– consider the academical vocabulary and academical level while you write.

Thank you

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