History of biometric technology in recognition

For your final assignment, you will focus on one of the topics that we have covered this term. You need to write an opinion piece about that topic. The length of your paper should be a thousand words at minimum. With a citation of 3–5 references. The challenge in this paper is to be assertive and take a 100% pro support of the topic or an equal amount of support for the negative impacts of the topic.

There is no room in the paper for any gray arguments. Your paper must be only pro or con with black and white examples in support of your opinion.

For example if you take artificial intelligence as your topic and you said you are negative about the development of AI then your paper should present only the threatening possibilities of artificial intelligence. Your task is to convince the reader that in every way AI has a negative effect on society. Provide for support the negative possibilities that you predict. As you choose the negative or the positive, you then also need to provide at least 4 scenarios that will support your opinion.

That means either four (4) reasons that would make AI the most important development of technology for all humankind. The counter opinion would be to provide four (4) reasons that AI would lead to the demise/extinction of human society, possibly the human race.

History of biometric technology in recognition

The Digital Divide

The Bitcoins

Data Encryption in Today’s Society

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