History and Society-Epidemics

Write 2-3 pages (1.5 space, 12 font, normal margins) responding to the following question:
 ‘In some ways disease does not exist until we say it does, by perceiving, naming and responding to it.’ DISCUSS (Rosenberg).
For this assignment, you MUST go beyond discussion and readings from class to show deeper thinking and research. Essays that just repeat what you heard in class will not receive a high grade.
Do not simply give your opinion based on personal experience. Engage with the argument in a scholarly manner and conduct research by reading secondary sources (books and articles written by historians and scholars) Think about what the question is trying to get at and respond to it in a scholarly manner. For example:. What is the premise of the assertion? How might it be countered? Have any other historians criticised or built on this assertion? How might this idea help historians think about disease in the past?
All essays must show an understanding of the wider issues and topics covered in the course through readings, discussions, and lectures, in a general sense. Thus, a project that could have been written by students who did not enrol in this course, read its assignments, or participate in its discussions is unacceptable. (However, try to avoid statements like: “this is like ‘x’ disease covered in week ‘y’ because…”).
Full citations in Chicago Style (or comparable, recognized citation style) are required, as is a full bibliography. Need BOTH!At least 4 sources. Wikipedia, websites, chat rooms, list serves etc are not acceptable sources and will not be credited as credible sources in your bibliography.

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