Homework: E-Portfolio

Homework: E-Portfolio (10%)

Students need to individually complete each of the following tasks after revising the relevant textbook pages, provided for each one. The aim of the following tasks is torevise basic course principles and to boost the students’ knowledge of technical writing and communication.

Submission will be done as one word document through TurnitIn.

Submission deadline: 4 December 2018


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Task 1 (20 points):

Redesign the following document to make it more reader-friendly. Include also appropriate clip art or pictures and create a table or chart that could accompany the document.


Hand Hygiene:

Who &



Thousands of people die every day around the world from infections acquired while receiving health care. Hands are the main pathways of germ transmission during health care. Hand hygiene is therefore the most important measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and prevent health care-associated infections. This brochure explains how and when to practice hand hygiene.



Any health-care worker, caregiver or

person involved in direct or indirect

patient care needs to be concerned

about hand hygiene and should be

able to perform it correctly and at

the right time.


Clean your hands by

rubbing them

with an alcohol-based formulation


as the preferred mean for routine

hygienic hand antisepsis if hands

are not visibly soiled. It is faster,

more effective, and better tolerated

by your hands than washing with

soap and water.

Wash your hands with soap and water

when hands are visibly dirty or visibly

soiled with blood or other body fluids

or after using the toilet.

If exposure to potential spore-forming

pathogens is strongly suspected

or proven, including outbreaks of

Clostridium difficile

, hand washing with

soap and water is the preferred means.



Task 2 (20 points):

Create a writer-centered analysis chart, where you identify different types of readers for the previous research topic(a report on Hand Hygiene) (check page 61 of your textbook).










































Task 3 (20 points):

Assume that the excerpt of Task 1 is part of a longer analytical report on Hand Hygiene. Write an appropriate conclusion to the report, following the guidelines from page 296 of your textbook (minimum 100 words).



Task 4 (10 points):

Design an effective title page for the report in task 1. Add appropriate font, color and consider alignment and overall layout (p.311)


































Task 5 (30 points):

Create a scientific poster on the topic on Hand Hygiene. Research to find relevant additional sources (articles, journal articles, books etc.) and add necessary information and/or findings. Add appropriate APA referencing where necessary (check pages 319-20 of your textbook).

Important Note: Additional sources can be derived either form AUM Library Database or from Google scholar.









































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