HOSP 6509:  Hospitality and Tourism Global Business Book Response

HOSP 6509:  Hospitality and Tourism Global Business Book Response

Due:  Feb. 5th


Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is for students to analyze their strengths and suggest future development strategies based on the book assigned. This is an individual assignment.

Paper Sections:

  1. Knowledge, Skills and Talents: (1-2 pages approximately)
    1. What is the difference between these three?
    2. What do you believe are your knowledge, skills and talents (this should be before you take the inventory) and why should they be valued by a company?


  1. Results of the StrengthsFinder Assessment/Inventory (2-3 pages approximately)
    1. What were your top 5 themes? Describe them.
    2. How do your results compare with what you thought about yourself before taking the inventory


  1. Conclusion/Development Plan (3-5 pages approximately)
  2. What is a career that interests you in the hospitality industry? In this      career, how likely/possible are you to work with a global company?  With international employees/bosses?  And/or serve international guests?  Please think about your response here as you answer part b.
  3. What is your development plan to become a more effective global manager based on the strengths that were identified? You may find it helpful to review the suggestions made in the assessment.  Please come up with a detailed plan for each of the 5 strengths
  4. Appendix
  5. Include a printed copy of your StrengthsFinder Results. This must be the results sent to you after you took the StrengthsFinder inventory and include your name, etc. in order to receive credit.




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