1. one page! Choose a leader in the hospitality industry and study their leadership style and choices. Write a one page paper talking about their accomplishments, their leadership, and how they inspire you to be a better leader in the industry.

2.You work for a travel agency in Los Angeles. Two of your clients want to travel to a popular tourist location in the U.S. for five days. They want you to make them an itinerary – where they should go, what they should eat, how they should travel, and how much money it’s going to cost them. Pick a city from the following list:

San Francisco, CA

Plan a trip for your two clients. Include at least one activity for each day (5 activities, minimum), at least two places to eat for each day, lodging, and transportation to get to each of the activities you’re planning (should they take the metro, an uber, or rent a car for the week?). Also include a budget that estimates the cost of the entire trip, taking into account air and transportation fare, lodging, meals, and the cost of the activities that you have planned for them.