How are these two things related in your mind?: How is (design) history manifest in the modern example?

For this assignment, you will choose one object, either from your formal analysis, from the lectures, or from your own research. You will then choose a second object or interior to compare.

Identify the style, medium and date of the historic piece and the comparative image

You will write and/or diagram a detailed comparison of these two objects. As you construct your comparison, here are some questions to consider:

How are these two things related in your mind?
How is (design) history manifest in the modern example?
How important (or irrelevant) is the historical context in assessing these objects?
What is the role of scale in your comparison?
What is the relationship between the function or symbolism of the pieces (What were/are they used for? Do they communicate a message? Is it asking for something? Is it sacred or secular? Is there a narrative?)
Respond to important issues of cultural context, including points of convergence and/or dissonance. Has some context been lost in translation? If so, how does that affect your interactions or understanding of the modern example? For example, if your historic example has a religious importance and your comparison does not, is this shift important or relevant?
If you choose to diagram your comparison, please also include a short paragraph outlining the primary elements of your comparison

Length: 800 words max if written
Include images of each object of comparison. They should include as complete and identification as you can create.

Be sure to be very specific with your comparisons – you may emphasize either the similarities or dissimilarities of these pairs – how you construct your comparison is up to you, but be sure to be very precise in your descriptions and specific in your language and/or your diagrams.

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