How does the act of Making have an impact in the construction of the city, in its physical

Here are the instructions for the essay, you may choose whatever topic you feel you can do your best at from the list below.
Attached are readings from class to help you get familiarize which areas exactly we are covering.
To get credit for this course you must write a 5-page essay. The context of the work must
resonate with the topics covered during class. This essay is a critical work that must include
your opinion and projection of the subject covered. This Essay is a narrative of one or multiple
topics and concepts covered in class.
• Length: 5-pages 81/2×11 (if you are using images please add them after the 5 pages)
• Font type: Arial or Helvetica
• Font Size: 11pt.
• Spacing: 1.5
• Please use MLA style formatting for the essay.
Topics to consider are:
How does the act of Making have an impact in the construction of the city, in its physical
and symbolic form?
Hybridity is a post-modern term that has intended to conceptualize the cross-cultural
phoneme of the US/MX border region. How has this term been instrumental in the
understanding of the Tijuana and San Diego binomial and does it still have relevance to
be projective?
How is the border region or the city of Tijuana fertile ground for post-capitalism ideas
that might include a new type of sovereignty in the future?
Contested Landscapes
The San Diego/Tijuana urban area shares a rich geography and watershed that is
crucial to the future of both cities. A projective speculative idea is crucial for the future
of the urban and natural ecosystem.

Assignment – Presidential Elections

Select a presidential election year from 1952 – 2004.  You are about to take a journey into the past….  Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:

  • Go to The Living Room Candidatewebsite
  • Click on your selected election year to the left.  Read the “overview” section, and each section associated with the names of the candidates.  Be sure to do this first so you have background information on the times and what the major issues were during that election year.
  • After reading the introductory material, look at the small images at the bottom of the page.  For each of these that you click on, you’ll see an actual television commercial for that candidate’s campaign.  Watch each of the commercials for your selected election year.  While watching take notes about the type of ads they used. How were they trying to “sell” the candidate?  Were they attacking their opponents?  What strategies were they using?
  • After watching the commercials, go back to the upper right  and click on “RESULTS” for your election year.  Check out the electoral map that appears.

After completing these steps, you will write an analysis of this election year and the campaign that took place.  Write a 2-3 page analytical essay answering the following questions.  Feel free to expand on your thoughts more – you do not need to stick only to the questions below.

  • What were your thoughts on the commercials?  Did the candidates “fight fair”?  Did they use good tactics to prove why a voter should vote for them?
  • If you were a voter in that election, based on the commercials, who would you have voted for and why?
  • Who won the election?  Did you feel that candidate had the better, more convincing commercials?  Why or why not?