HP Product Variety Management” case study assignment

Read the “HP Product Variety Management” case study. Consider the scenario below and respond to the prompts presented.


Kathy Chou, vice president of sales at HP, has asked Deborah-Anna Reznek (business consultant) and Julie Ward (business optimization) to analyze the post-launch products. Kathy’s priorities are to maximize total revenue and revenue per unit. She provided the data in Exhibit 1 in the case study. Kathy has asked that each product be assigned to one of the following categories: global core product, extended product offering, or candidate for elimination. Also, Kathy has asked for recommendations on how to prioritize products in the portfolio.

  • Classify each product into one of the three categories referenced above. Show your classifications in a table or chart.
  • Assign a priority to each product in the portfolio. Show your priorities in a table or chart.
  • Explain the method you used to determine the product priorities.
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