IBM Assignment-Individual Writing Assignments (Principles of Marketing)

Individual Writing Assignments (Principles of Marketing)

You need to find an article that is connected to some area of marketing and relate it to the course material. The article that you are explaining must be a minimum of 1,000 words in length. Your paper should be no longer than 2 pages in length and double-spaced. Your single reference should be single spaced.

The 2 acceptable journals and specific dates are:

• Harvard Business Review, from 2009 to 2011

• Harvard Business Review, from 2016 to present

• MIT Sloan Management Review, from 2015 to present No other journals will be acceptable.

Also, if you use these journals but select articles that do not fall within these dates, your article will not be accepted and your grade will be a zero (0). Once you have selected your article, briefly summarize it. This should take between ½ to 1 page. For the remaining page, tell me why this information could be important to marketers. Be specific! Finally, in 1-2 sentences, tell me how this information relates to a specific part of the textbook or course material.

Do not use subheadings – i.e. “summary, etc.” Instead, it should flow naturally.


• Use Word with a 12-point font of Times New Roman (no PDF documents)

• 1 inch margins on all sides, no headers or footers, left justified, name on document

• 2 page maximum, double spaced • Include the name of the article and your name as a heading on the first page

• Prepare references in accordance with the APA Publication Manual (6th edition) and place it on the final page.

Example: Oakley, J., & Bush, A. J. (2012). Customer Entertainment in relationship marketing: A literature review and directions for future research. Journal of Relationship Marketing, 11(1), 21-40.

Submission Process: Submit through Turnitin. In addition to content, grammar and spelling will be considered in your grade.Students violating this academic integrity policy will receive zero points for this assignment, an “F” grade in the class, and will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct & Integrity.

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