Identify ways that employers can control the costs of employee benefits.

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Assignment 3 Due Week 9
Address the following questions: Describe how employee benefits fit into the total compensation function
Identify the varieties of internal and external information that organizations consider when planning a benefits program. Which pieces of information do you believe are most important to this planning process? Least important? Explain your answers. Organizations possess limited budgets to fund employee benefits. Identify ways
that employers can control the costs of employee benefits. From an employee’s perspective, which employee benefits practices should be funded? Which employee benefits are dispensable? Now respond to these questions as
a organizational representative. Explain your answers Provide suggestions to lessen the entitlement mentality among employees toward employee benefits. You can think about this assignment as a “term paper,” however,
you will present the project in a Microsoft PowerPointformat with Talking Points displayed in the note section of each PowerPoint slide. The final PowerPoint project should be approximately 10-15 slides in length, excluding a cover page. Areference section should be included at the end of the presentation.
– A minimum of 5 credible references should support your
Number of Slides : 10 slides
Level: Post-graduate
Paper Format: APA